Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Bucket List

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Sabi nila ang average life expectancy ng isang tao ay 65. I'm 31 so nasa kalahati na pala ako. Sa dami ng nangyayari sa paligid natin, life is indeed very short. Madami akong gustong gawin, marating, matutunan at ma-experience. Kaya gusto ko i-share ang "Bucket List" ko, wishing na ma-achieve ko ito bago ako ma-tegibam. Here's my first 25.

1. Celebrate my big 4-oh na healthy, happy, sexy at young looking
2. Reach and maintain my ideal weight, READ: 55kg.
3. Bring my children with me anywhere and spend more time with them as much as I can.
4. Run my own business before I reach the age of 40.
5. Travel the entire South East Asia.
6. Bungee Jump
7. Sky Dive
8. Earn MA in Psychotherapy (and a license to practice in UK or AU)
9. Learn to speak at least one European language (fluently)
10. Learn to drive and get a pro licence
11. Become a vegetarian
12. Practice yoga regularly
13. Meditate everyday
14. Conduct a seminar/workshop about positive thinking
15. Visit the Holy Land
16. Teach in a university
17. Write a book
18. Learn to dance gracefully
19. Sing in a gathering
20. Marry the right man
21. Meet the Eden Tolentino (no bitterness, I just want to see and meet her)
22. Become a certified psychotherapist
23. Renovate our house (for my parents and siblings)
24. Buy a real estate property (farm / island / fishpond)
25. Retire before I reach the age of 45

Madami pa akong nasa list, 'yung iba fancy lang but fulfilling para sa akin. Kasama na rin syempre sa list ko ang makita kong matapos sa pag-aaral at naaabot ng mga anak ko ang mga gusto nilang marating.

This list serves as my motivation and a reminder that life is worth living. Kahit madaming hindi maganda ang nangyayari sa paligid natin, there is always something to look forward to.

God created us because we have a purpose in life. Do not be disheartened kung hindi lahat ng nasa lists mo ay hindi nasusunod, there is always a reason for everything. Whatever it is, it is for our own good. Just trust and believe that He will always guide us and nothing is impossible if we really work hard for it.

Others may pull you down, but don't allow them to do so. Instead, pull them up with you, so they can see they can experience and appreciate the view from the top.

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